We’re gathering expert perspectives regarding the tech world’s impact on impending climate change – and how those same innovations might help forge a more sustainable future.

Our previous season on Responsible AI has shown us that no disruption comes without both opportunities and threats. And with the digital sector’s carbon emissions set to double in 2024 alone, the catastrophic effects of climate change will be our most challenging disruption yet.

The WHO estimates that 3.6 billion people will bear the brunt, with the most vulnerable among us at greatest risk. Grass-roots action is an important part of the search for a solution. But the heaviest responsibility lies with governments, businesses, and tech leaders to combine their efforts and innovate against the climate crisis.

From the teams training AI to analyse research papers and spot hidden opportunities, right down to sustainable-first web design that burns less power to display, we want to shine a light on the who, how and why of Sustainable Cloud.

All about Sustainable Cloud

In this upcoming series on CEO.digital, we’ll bring a multi-medium approach to all aspects of this urgent topic. You can look forward to in-depth interviews, expert panels, original thought leadership content and more as we dive deep into the threats — and hopes — of a path towards a safer, cleaner cloud.