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Organisations are under more pressure to transform than ever before. Especially now that remote working is widespread. What can IT, Digital and Transformation leaders do to accelerate and optimise their digital strategies?

Dell Technologies investigates in a new series of thought leadership and roundtable discussions.

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Coming June 2021: Chief Wine Officer - US

Network with your peers, learn more about the evolving nature of information security, and sample some of the world’s finest wines, introduced by a certified wine expert

2nd June 2021

Coming June 2021: Chief Wine Officer - EU

Time to Reshape Digital Workspaces in FSI with Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Network with your peers, learn more about the evolving nature of information security, and sample some of the world’s finest wines, introduced by a certified wine expert

9th June 2021

Coming July 2021: CEO.digital Café

Rise early for this breakfast peer-to-peer virtual networking experience and discussion for C-Suite leaders, with refreshments delivered to enjoy throughout

22nd July 2021

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Browse articles and resources written by industry experts and thought leaders at Dell Technologies and VMware

Cyber Resilience: Why Cybersecurity Is Key to Ongoing Business Strength

Dell Technologies outlines how businesses can establish long-term strength and resilience through cybersecurity in this free report. Get your copy now.

Dell Technologies’ The Next Horizon: Cequence Security with Larry Link

As part of Dell Technologies' The New Horizon podcast series, Bill Pfeifer talks with Larry Link, CEO of Cequence Security, about the future of cybersecurity.

IT Security Specialists Weigh in on the Cyber Strategies of Working...

Pulitzer-nominated journalist Russ Banham, writing for Dell Technologies, investigates how IT security specialists are strategising for working at home. Learn more here.

Thriving in the Cybersecurity Chess Game

One area emerging as a newer security threat is hardware and the firmware stored within that hardware. Find out more about the cybersecurity options to protect your business and customers.

What Are the Most Common Types of Cyberattacks?

Do you know how cybercriminals will attack your company? Learn the most common types of cyberattacks in this exclusive infographic from Dell Technologies, available to download and share with your colleagues now.

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Discover the opportunities the cloud brings into your organisation and how it will continue to help it grow.

Advantages of Modernising IT with Converged & Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Dell Technologies outlines the key advantages and benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure in IT modernisation efforts in this free infographic. Download yours today.

Digital Transformation
All things digital transformation, you can read, watch and listen to a number of interesting transformational topics.

Helping to Build a Greener World

Big Tech is in the vanguard of companies looking to develop sustainable solutions to today's, and tomorrow's, problems. Olivia Hughes outlines how Dell Technologies is striving to build a greener world with tech.

What next for personnel in the work place with the multitude of digital change, find out more here.

How Executives Are Keeping Up Employee Morale

Dell Technologies discusses how executives are keeping up staff morale in a recent article written during the coronavirus pandemic. Takeaway key remote working lessons from company execs.


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Rob Parish works with some of the world’s top enterprises to deliver business-wide transformation and turnkey solutions.

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Rob Parish
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The challenges facing global financial organizations is necessitating a new era of business and IT transformation. Dell Technologies is in the vanguard.


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Jennifer Manry, VP, Financial Services Global Industries Group at VMware, on Delivering Empathy-Driven Transformation in the Finance Sector

Jennifer Manry of VMware joins us for The CEO.digital Show EXTRA for a deep dive into the digital transformation trends, pressures and disruptors impacting the financial services industry.

Guest event testimonial: Congratulations for the event. Format was really innovative for me, and the content was super relevant.

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