Elevate the Customer Experience & Adapt to Changing Requirements

VMware cover the evolving nature of modern apps and what the tech executive of today must do to stay competitive in this new report.

Technology leaders are responsible for determining which technologies will deliver the most value for the business – and how to prioritise IT investments when multiple areas need an upgrade or overhaul. In the midst of unprecedented change, the IT foundation powering the enterprise must be flexible, agile, and available – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Delivering upon this ideal means building and managing an IT infrastructure and application portfolio primed for continuous transformation and innovation. And VMware is here to help.

In this new report, discover how tech executives the world over are modernising their applications and infrastructure to accommodate changing needs and a new business landscape. Great Customer Experience (CX) is now considered critical currency – ensure you’re able to deliver for your enterprise. Download your copy today.

Key Insights

Application Transformation Is Top Priority

In terms of priorities for application portfolios, 72% of businesses are focused on building a path forward for their existing applications. Keep up with the insights in this exclusive report.

Critical Business Ideas from Thought Leaders

“All corporate strategies these days have technology as a core factor. Technology is no longer considered a cost centre. It is considered a revenue centre.” Learn more from thought leaders like Veena Dandapani, Head of Product Strategy & Management at Western Union.

Refocus Your Efforts on Developer Needs & Organisational Processes

If you’re a tech executive looking to modernise your application portfolio, VMware outlines the challenges you’ll face – and how to overcome them. Discover where to focus your priorities in this exclusive report.

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