Jennifer Manry, VP, Financial Services Global Industries Group at VMware, on Delivering Empathy-Driven Transformation in the Finance Sector

We were thrilled to welcome Jennifer Manry of VMware to this very special episode of The Show EXTRA. Listen in to learn more about the empathetic design approaches transforming customer interactions in the financial services sector, and the industry-wide changes in digital infrastructure that are fueling a new age of finance.

Although she started her career as an engineer, Jennifer Manry found herself drawn to the technology industry early on. Jennifer quickly took up position as IT Manager at General Electric, before moving into the financial sector. Here, her focus quickly turned to web strategy and user experience, and she had tenures at Genworth Financial, Capital One, and Bank of America. But this year, Jennifer moved to VMware, where she became Vice President, Financial Services Global Industries Group – delivering compelling business strategy and user-centered digital platforms for the financial sector.

Jennifer is a keen advocate for empathy in design, believing that the best way of gaining buy-in for digital solutions is for tech teams to build platforms users actually want to use. We learned more about what this mindset means for the financial sector, as well as the vital importance of enhancing cybersecurity training to make sure these new digital platforms remain secure. We also chatted about promoting women in tech and increasing diversity in the tech sphere, a mission-critical aspect of the working world in 2021.

Finally, Jennifer addressed the hybrid workplaces of today, and why remote working is no longer a ‘perk’ but a necessity. What will it take to succeed in the future workplace?

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The company’s need for empathy in being able to put themselves in the shoes of their end customer, and understand how they’ll interact with the product, is critical for adoption, it’s critical for driving usage, and even more these days it’s critical for [customer] stickiness.

Jennifer Manry,
Financial Services Global Industries Group,

Jennifer Manry
VP, Financial Services Global Industries Group,


Jennifer Manry is VP, Financial Services Global Industries Group at VMware. Jennifer is responsible for VMware’s financial services strategy, market development and financial services solutions. Before her current position at VMware, she was the CIO and Managing Director of Employee Technology & Employee Experience at Bank of America, where she supported over 200,000 employees globally. Jennifer has also held tech leadership positions at Capital One, GE, and Genworth Financial, and she serves on the advisory board for Women Who Code, too.

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