Complimentary Report: The Cybersecurity Industry Is Broken

Investments in cyber technology have grown at roughly twice the rate of IT overall, but we still aren’t turning the tide against cyberinsurgency. Discover how leveraging your IT infrastructure can overcome security’s greatest structural challenges.

A recent report issued by the World Economic Forum states that the dark web will become the third-largest economy in the world by 2021. During the first five months of 2020 alone, cyberattacks against the financial sector increased by 238%, compounded by a 900% increase in ransomware attacks.

Cybercriminals are demonstrating significant ingenuity to counter incident response efforts. Their methods include ransomware campaigns, business email compromise scams, and access mining.

Cybersecurity is a premier domain of innovation, but we are reaching a point of diminishing returns. The complexity of cyberdefense outpaces the innovation of the individual controls, and the problem is more fundamental than products. What’s needed is structural and architectural change because what’s hurting security—more than anything else—is complexity and fragmentation.

In this complimentary report from Dell Technologies, discover how you can make security intrinsic in your digital architecture, and find out what you need to leverage what you already have – today.


Key Insights

Discover Security’s Structural Challenges

The industry’s systemic challenges relate to people, process, and technology. Learn why – and how to overcome them.

Make Security Intrinsic

The best way to break through these barriers is for security to architect security within. Here’s how.

Leverage What You Have Today

Find out how to embrace an approach to security that leverages the infrastructure itself for visibility, context, and control.

Fix Your Cybersecurity 

Gain invaluable knowledge from the Senior VP of Security Business Unit to start your journey towards a safer, more secure digital landscape.


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