Bridging the Developer & Operations Divide to Improve Efficiencies

Innovators VMware showcase exactly what it takes to start and scale a DevOps team within your enterprise with this free report. Access your copy now to kickstart establishing a DevOps team in your company.

Software drives your business. But despite this fundamental truth, most employees and customers don’t realise that a team of dedicated product managers, designers, developers and IT operations staff are constantly working to improve customer- and employee-facing applications in ways that make a significant difference to how your business runs, how it produces goods and services, and how its revenues grow – even in difficult times.

Now, these individuals are the champions delivering competitive advantage for their organizations, especially where their companies are looking to accelerate delivery and create new business models. Process is paramount, and a cohesive team approach across dev and operations is essential. This is where DevOps can help. But where do you begin? And how do you scale your new DevOps team to help embed advantage across the enterprise?

In this executive brief, explore how DevOps impacts customer experience, how IT and business must come together for a true DevOps culture to grow, and how to start and scale your own DevOps initiatives while overcoming common obstacles.


Key Insights

Use DevOps to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

Why concentrate on DevOps in the midst of digital transformation and marketplace uncertainty? Because today customer experience across digital platforms matters more than ever. Applications may be the only way some people can connect with your organization – and DevOps directly contributes to that experience.

What Do Successful DevOps Teams Do Differently?

All enterprises face similar challenges when introducing and scaling their DevOps efforts. But some have managed to overcome these obstacles quickly and easily. Learn from real-world examples of how organizations like yours succeeded with DevOps.

40% of IT Leaders Prioritizing CX Increased Revenue Generation

Did you know that IT leaders who have started improving their app portfolios see big business outcomes? 40% increase revenue generation, 37% increase customer satisfaction, and 36% enjoy success among peers within their roles. What are you waiting for?

Leverage, Automate, Scale for a Process-Driven Tomorrow

Improve operational efficiencies within your organization by bridging the Developer and Operations divide. VMware demonstrates what it takes, including leveraging modern IT operations, automating your infrastructure, and scaling slowly to achieve production momentum.


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