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There are only two camps when it comes to cloud: you’ve either adopted cloud already, or you’re playing catch-up. Whatever your position, CEO.digital has all the cloud computing news you need to power your way through the Industry 4.0 revolution. Explore more cloud computing news below.

How to Simplify the Multi-Cloud Management Platform

Master multi-cloud management with this free white paper from CEO.digital and Exponential-e today. Learn how Cloud Management Platforms are making the cloud easier to use.

The Cloud Checklist: Six Factors for Successful Adoption

Want to kickstart a successful cloud migration journey? Utilise this checklist from Rackspace Technologies to ensure a masterful transition to the cloud.

Dell Technologies Luminaries: Achieving Clarity in a Cloudy World

Ready to dive into the world of cloud but don’t know where to begin? Listen to Deepak Patil bring clarity to cloud technology in this Luminaries podcast from Dell Technologies.

Benefits of the Consistent Hybrid Cloud

Discover how a consistent multi-cloud strategy is powering innovation at enterprises like yours Over the past decade, cloud computing has grown to become an integral...

Accelerate & Optimise Your Cloud Journey with Rackspace

View this on-demand webinar for six factors for successful cloud adoption.

Into Interconnection: Future Forecasts for Data Centre Leaders

Cloud connections are on the rise, which is why Digital Centre looked at the future of data centres in this exclusive report, sponsored by Digital Realty.

Creating Cloud without Chaos

Multi-cloud deployments are the future of business infrastructure, but how do you overcome the added complexity? Find out in this Dell Technologies infographic.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Cloud Computing

The key to implementing and maintaining the right cloud computing solution for your business lies in taking a holistic approach. Your hosting platform, migration method and ongoing operations need to be considered together, to avoid costly mistakes and risk business performance. Find out how...