Ramsés Gallego, International CTO at CyberRes (Micro Focus), on Protecting the Enterprise for a Cloud-Native Generation & Critical Innovations for a Post-Pandemic World

Ramsés Gallego sits in on this week’s installment of The CEO.digital Show to show us exactly why he’s deemed a ‘Master of Cybersecurity’. We explore his innovative approach toward cybersecurity, as well as the utter importance and sheer responsibility of protecting people and data.

There aren’t many people who have had the U.S. flag ascribed for them in The Capitol, but Ramsés Gallego is one of them. His contributions toward cybersecurity are outstanding. With a background education in Business Administration and Law, Ramsés’ abundant career has seen him take stage as security professional with deep-rooted expertise in the Risk Management and Governance areas.

Now, he is the International Chief Technology Officer for Cybersecurity at CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business, where he defines and executes the company’s vision. He was Strategist and Evangelist for the CTO office at Symantec and played a similar role at Dell Security for and also at CA Technologies. Ramsés is a renowned thinker and internationally recognised speaker on the disciplines of the Cloud, IT Government, Cybersecurity and Privacy, and we have been lucky enough to speak with him.

Here’s a little of what he had to say:

  • The business of the future will need to take the journey from cybersecurity to cyber resilience if it wishes to protect its valuable data
  • How in this digital era, radical innovation and a holistic approach is the name of the game for cybersecurity
  • The beauty and magic of protecting and defending: How CTOs and CIOs must live by and for the business
  • How people and data (in that order) must coincide and filter through the organisation as the two most important pillars of an organisation
  • In our cloud generation journey, trust is at the heart of cyber resilience
  • Living in an identity-centric world means to always question who has access to what? When that happens? Is it going to happen? How? And for how long?
  • There’s never been a better time to work in cybersecurity

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We have to be obsessed with the things we want to protect.

Ramsés Gallego,
International CTO,
CyberRes (Micro Focus)

Ramses Gallego - guest - A01

Ramsés Gallego
International Chief Technology Officer, CyberRes (Micro Focus)

Ramsés Gallego is a cyber-security expert with a career of more than 22 years in the areas of IT governance and risk management and is currently International Chief Technology Officer for CyberRes, a Micro Focus line of business. His contributions towards cybersecurity are countless and he is an internationally recognised speaker and alumni of many industry-leading committees and conferences.

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