7 Key Factors for Achieving Cloud Migration Success

Despite its huge potential for new value, migrating your services and infrastructure to the cloud can be risky. Cognizant Softvision tell all on how to undertake a successful cloud migration in this new white paper.

The future of business is undoubtedly in the cloud, with benefits of migrating to cloud including 31% average savings on infrastructure costs, 3x more features delivered per year and 62% boost in IT staff productivity. But although there’s a lot to be gained by moving more of your services and infrastructure to the cloud, migrating isn’t as simple as clicking your fingers.

To extract the most value from your new cloud-based operation, you’ll need to make the right moves from the very beginning of your migration. That’s why, in this new white paper, experts from Cognizant Softvision have compiled the top seven critical characteristics of successful cloud migration.

Drawing on years of experience assisting companies with their cloud transitions, Cognizant Softvision have developed an invaluable checklist of tools and ideas to guarantee a flawless move to the cloud for any business. Unlock your copy now to gain helpful advice and avoid any cloud migration mishaps. It’s time you harnessed the full potential of the cloud.


Understand the Importance of a Strong Culture’s Impact on Migration Success 

Only with the right corporate culture can you migrate successfully to the cloud. It means gaining buy-in from your workforce for the move, and generating a consensus for what you want to achieve. Discover more on establishing this cultural shift in this white paper.

Determine Cloud Readiness Using “Weighted Shortest Job Possible” (WSJF) Prioritization

With this approach, you’ll be able to identify early adopters and prove out program and platform readiness within your organisation. This is key to unlocking value quickly with your cloud migration.

How to Own the Cloud Process & Important Platforms 

Learn to align your objectives and take end-to-end accountability for your move to the cloud. All this and more in the full report, available free.



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