The Rise of Sustainable Data Centres

Featuring insights from our Steering Committee, this exclusive whitepaper uncovers the viable solutions that can help decarbonise data centres in the Asia-Pacific region while building greater cloud solutions.

The Asia Pacific Region (APAC) is one of the fastest developing data centre regions in the world. With rapid digitalisation and the surge in demand for cloud-based services across the region, it’s estimated that by 2024 the overall APAC data centre market size will be worth around US$28 billion. It comes as no surprise then that the industry has among the highest carbon footprints in the business world today.

With data centres in the APAC region continuing to consume ever-growing amounts of energy to keep up with demand, pressure is on for operators to introduce more sustainable solutions to their data centre operations – while building greater cloud efficiency.

In this exclusive whitepaper from Digital Centre, discover the current challenges and viable solutions that can help data centre operators in the APAC region fight the rising tide of environmental challenges.


Spotlight on Singapore 
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Impact of Covid-19
Find out what impact Covid-19 is having on the sustainability of APAC’s data centres – and what can be done about it

The Future of Sustainability
Explore the solutions for reducing carbon emissions, and what the future holds for data centre sustainability.


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