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Some industries rely on it; others are playing catch-up. Whichever camp you’re in, it’s clear that cloud computing is underpinning much of Industry 4.0. Explore the resources below to find out how.

5 signs you’re ready for the workspace revolution

Discover when it's time to take action and solve modern workplace challenges.

How to capture the full value of data

How to develop a strategy to overcome obstacles to the cloud.

How to transform to a hybrid IT operating model by becoming...

How to develop a strategy to overcome obstacles to the cloud.

Operation Inbox: Stopping the next generation of email cyber attacks

Between 75% and 90% of targeted cyber attacks start with an email. Targeting email is increasingly becoming the tactic of choice among hackers Targeting email...

The road to 2025: How to migrate SAP to the cloud

This white paper explores and analyses what the 2025 deadline means for SAP customers thinking of migrating to the cloud Running SAP means sooner or...

How to approach 100% application availability

This Citrix white paper takes a deep dive into how to approach 100% uptime by monitoring your applications in the cloud.

Case study: Leading insurance company chooses Hitachi for cloud migration

This cloud migration case study explores how a leading insurance company reduced IT costs, improved user experience and drove business productivity by shifting to...

The email threat: Key concerns of EMEA IT stakeholders and the...

Despite the variety of sophisticated email-borne threats from ransomware to phishing and everything in between, IT security leaders must also consider their organisation’s weakest...

SAP to Azure: best of both worlds

For the increasing numbers of companies with increasingly complex SAP landscapes, the cloud is the logical destination. This infographic shows how.