Patrick Smith, Field CTO EMEA at Pure Storage, on Why Cloud Environments Are Turning Public/Private Hybrid

Public cloud took over mainstream thinking across the enterprise world in recent years, but we’re now seeing a slight backpedalling. IT leaders are looking to bring back the benefits of private cloud, building a hybrid version of the two. Patrick Smith shares why that is in this episode of The Show…

You don’t need us to tell you that the pandemic changed the way the world works. But it’s vital that we address its lingering effects; like how hybrid working is presenting new challenges to the enterprise, with many IT leaders now scrambling to re-secure their infrastructure for a hybrid model. In years of late, many have migrated to a public multi-cloud environment, but security worries are bringing the private cloud back to the fore. What we’re seeing is a hybrid public/private environment revolution.

We sat down with Patrick Smith, Field CTO EMEA at Pure Storage, to find out more about what this cloud revolution will mean for IT leadership. Listen into the full episode now to hear critical insights, including:

[06:27] Why public cloud can never be the panacea it was once hailed as
[07:55] How IT leaders are using containerisation and Kubernetes to excel
[12:10] Why people are key to driving innovation
[20:25] The role IT can play in delivering on sustainability goals
[24:50] The future of Storage-as-a-Service for the enterprise

And much more…

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Often customers will provision enough capacity for an expected end state, which means they’re overprovisioning in the near-term […] they’re producing greenhouse gas emissions for tech they don’t expect to use for years – that doesn’t make sense.

Patrick Smith,
Pure Storage

Patrick Smith
Field CTO EMEA, Pure Storage

As a senior technical advisor, Patrick provides crucial input and leadership across engineering, product management, sales, marketing as well as presales. Prior to his time at Pure, Patrick was Head of Core Engineering at Deutsche Bank with responsibility for Server and Storage engineering. He has also run global infrastructure engineering teams at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.



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