The telecoms sector is fuelling a new age of communication with advances in network connectivity and 5G technology. That’s why is here with the very latest telecoms insights to help C-suite leaders prepare for the future. Discover more about the evolution of telecoms with and unique insights from our contributors.

The Evolution of the Program Delivery Team

Business-critical programs are typically high profile and need results delivered fast. With a high-performing program deliver team, David Hilliard shows you can enhance program mobilisation.

Program Failure Is an Expensive Education

In this exclusive interview with Mentor Europe's CEO, David Hilliard, uncovered the true costs of program failure - and the steps you can take to overcome it.

Eight Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business-Critical Program –...

Few things stir up executive emotions quite as much as how a company should organise to run a business-critical program. David Hilliard, CEO, gives his thoughts in this guest spot.

Strategic Programs Fail for One Reason – Failure Is Incorporated into...

Uncover the 5 “bone-crushing” factors for business transformation failure in this exclusive interview with Mentor Europe's CEO, David Hilliard. Read for free today and help to identify crucial flaws in your program strategy so you can plot a better way forward.

5G Fibre Deployment: Economical, Fast, Flexible

It's absolutely essential to be economical and agile when it comes to 5G fibre deployment. David Hilliard from Mentor Europe discusses the implications.

Top Reviews for Mentor Europe – Expert Consultants in Program Management...

Watch this video to see how MentorEurope work with you to provide the people, resources and expertise to get your business-critical program over the line – with certainty.

How ‘Mobile-Centric’ Fibre Networks Will Make the UK a 5G Leader

This whitepaper from Mentor Europe looks at how MNOs in the UK can work with each other and with fixed infrastructure providers and investors to drive change.

Top Trending Technologies for Enterprises in 2020

The new decade brings with it new technologies - and challenges the world hasn't seen in generations. Uncover the top technology trends for global enterprises in 2020 and beyond in this exclusive article.

How to Scale-up Your – Lessons from the UK’s First...

Learn how you can scale-up your from the UK’s First Network Cash Tsunami. Mentor knows what it takes to deliver these programs.