How to Connect Rural Britain – Time to Think Again?

The wait for mobile coverage in rural communities may finally be over

The four main Mobile Operators have reached an agreement on how to solve the scandal of poor rural mobile coverage. Although, the various announcements make it clear that a gold-plated commercial deal has not been settled yet.

We have been encouraging this approach on how to release the brakes and connect the communities on rural coverage for a while now – we’ve even proposed what an effective solution to the problem could look like.

Let’s hope it’s not a box-ticking exercise – but the start of some creative negotiation. And that the government remains open to different approaches – and possibly better solutions.

In this insight guide on rural mobile coverage we explore:

Whether there needs to be further consideration needed on the October SRN proposal by the four operators

The advantages of pooling spectrum

Why the New Zealand SRN model has been successful