Strategic Programs Fail for One Reason – Failure Is Incorporated into Their Design

Overcome the age-old failure patterns organisations repeat and get your business transformation back on track with insights from this exclusive CEO interview.

Business transformation is complex and difficult, with many organisations failing to meet their strategic goals. For David Hilliard, CEO of Mentor Europe, the reasons for this are clear: many organisations design failure into their programs from the very start, and most don’t realise there is an issue! 

In an exclusive interview with former CEO Mark Ward, David shared insights that every professional working in the telco sector needs to hear to ensure they deliver effective business transformation.  

Download the full interview now to learn from David’s experiences and shield your strategic programs from failure. 

5 “Bone-Crushing” Reasons for Strategic Failure 

Discover the 5 “bone-crushing” factors behind strategic program failure you need to avoid when starting your business transformation. 

30 Years of Experience 

With over 30 years of experience, David Hilliard has seen projects fall short of the mark. Utilise his insights and consultancy to ensure your program doesn’t suffer from age-old mistakes. 

Save Time in Execution – Plan the Right Way

Initial plans tend to be naïve, unrealistic and riddled with heroic guesses. Learn how to overcome this naivety by ensuring consistency and synchronicity between the Work, the Schedule, and the Budget.