Natalie Billingham, Vice President Sales EMEA at Akamai Technologies, on Augmenting Data with Edge for Better Cybersecurity & Getting More Women in Tech

Natalie Billingham from Akamai Technologies joined us this week on The Show to explore the biggest challenges facing buyers when it comes to cybersecurity investment. Speaking from the client perspective, she unravels why cybersecurity requires more than just technology. She also addresses questions of diversity and inclusion in technology. Start listening for more insight.

Natalie Billingham holds a unique position within the cybersecurity industry. She stands at the point where technology and client needs intersect. With over 20 years of experience in sales, partnering and strategic relationship building, Natalie has helped clients from a variety of sectors including finance, banking, and telecommunications to find the exact technology required to address their security concerns and futureproof their business.

In the podcast, she shares an insider perspective on the cybersecurity concerns shared by enterprises across sectors. How do you navigate the new and vast attack surface opened by hybrid working? How do you augment your data and predict the motivation of attackers? Natalie answers these and many other tricky questions.

As a founding member of EMEA Women’s Forum, Natalie also has clear examples and insightful advice for leaders striving to encourage more women to get into technology and make diversity and inclusion into more than a mere sound bite.

Tune in for more insights into:
[06:56] – Cybersecurity concerns shared by enterprises with hybrid work culture
[09:41] – The business model of cybercriminals and how data can be used to outthink them
[13:15] – The sustainability trends within EMEA
[18:10] – How C-suite execs can encourage more women in tech
[18:23] – Examples of initiatives for diversity and inclusion
[26:30] – Aligning marketing and sales for greater impact
[33:14] – Advice for aspiring sales leaders

If we can take that ability to be flexible and allow people to focus on the outcome of the work that they’re trying to do rather than where they do it and in what specific time, that will be a huge accelerant [for diversity and inclusion].

Natalie Billingham,
Vice President Sales and Managing Director EMEA,
Akamai Technologies

Natalie Billingham
Vice President Sales and Managing Director EMEA,
Akamai Technologies

Natalie Billingham, is Vice President Sales and Managing Director EMEA at Akamai Technologies. She is a multi-award-winning sales executive and a founding member of the EMEA Women’s Forum. She has helped some of the leading global enterprises address their security challenges and futureproof their business. Natalie has also helped deliver Akamai’s initiatives for gender parity and inclusion in tech.



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