John Arledge on enabling a safer online experience for everyone through network-based security

Ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise, mainly because malicious actors have now enlisted sophisticated technology to perform activities which used to take many weeks to achieve. So, how can security leaders respond? John Arledge explores the answers in this insightful episode.

90% of security breaches happen because of phishing attacks, and the cost of security breaches continues to mount. Despite the numerous training courses that companies offer their employees to avoid phishing attacks, employees routinely fall victim. And things are only going to get trickier.

Now that sophisticated AI (like ChatGPT) can mimic human speech to an uncanny degree, we can soon expect attackers to use them against enterprises. Coupled with a distributed workforce, this can make the work of security teams incredibly complex. But there’s a simple, elegant and logical solution to many of these problems, argues John.

In this episode, he shows how DNS security adopted at the source (i.e., the internet service provider) can make the internet a lot safer and cleaner for all end users. He illustrates how, because of the sheer scale of Akamai’s network, they’re able to protect billions of people at the ‘flick of a button’. Even more, as a founder of two companies of his own, he imparts valuable advice to those who want to become successful entrepreneurs. Dive in to learn more.

You’ll hear insights including:

[06:06]: How to create a leadership style that suits your industry
[15:14]: Why DNS security, adopted by internet service provider, leads to best outcomes for everyone
[21:42]: What DNS does and how DNS security works
[25:02]: The most logical place to start protecting your infrastructure from attacks
[35:05]: Why internet service providers need to speak up about security

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

We don’t pay more. . . to get clean water. We just want water, and of course, we want it clean. . . And the same should apply to the internet. Today the clean internet is not available to every single person in the world. As a parent, I expect that, my internet is not going be delivering inappropriate content to my young children.

John Arledge,
Vice President, Product Management,

John Arledge
Vice President, Product Management, Akamai

Mr. Arledge defines and executes strategy to increase adoption of Akamai’s DNS technology. It enables security and value-added applications among mobile and fixed line communications service providers (CSPs) globally. John has more than two decades of experience in telco, cable, satellite, enterprise, security, consumer electronics, professional sports, and automotive industries.



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