Josh Olson, Global Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales, VMware, on the Processes & Technologies Driving the Workplace of the Future

In another unmissable edition of The Show EXTRA, we’re joined by the man who heads up the strategic division of renowned anywhere workspace enablers, VMware. As Global Head of Experience Solutions and GSI Sales. Josh is noted for his prestigious background and track record of helping to bring experience led workplaces to an array of enterprises.

Having started out a formidable career in the midst of the revolutionary mid-90s, Josh Olson is the man to talk to when it comes to workplace transformation. His executive alignment of strategy and technology in achieving optimal outcomes for businesses across the board has stemmed from a long line of experience at some of the most prominent names in computing and business of the past few decades, including Uunet, Verizon, EMC and Oracle. We were lucky enough to speak to Josh about all of this and more.

Josh also shined a light on several topics, including:

  • Helping customers leverage technology into game-changing digital workflows that are meaningful and powerful
  • Seeing technological visions of the late-90s brought to life decades later
  • The critical role of implementing customer and employee experience-centric workplaces from the top down
  • Key transformation trends leading the employee and customer experience
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In this world where everything can be an endpoint… I want that to be a brilliant experience, and to do that I have to first start with: Can I secure it? Can I manage it? Can I deliver the right apps and resources to it so you can actually do your job in a unique way? And then, what is that right workflow that you need, ideal for that role?

Josh Olson,
Global Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales,

Josh Olson
Global Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales, VMware

Josh Olson is the Global Head of Experience Solutions & GSI Sales at VMware. With over 23 years of experience, he is a recognised expert in the intersection of the employee and their workplace and work styles. He has an MBA in strategy and has held diverse senior sales roles at UUnet, Verizon, EMC, and Oracle prior to coming to VMware. He developed and oversaw teams and solutions ranging from internet backbone, remote access, data management, HR, Financial, Sales and eCommerce solutions. Today, he leverages his multi-industry, multi-discipline background to guide organizations on how they can provide the best customer, employee, and partner experiences to grow their revenues, profits and brand loyalty.


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