Marketing & IT: The Digital Transformation Dream Team

Brands need to take more control over how they engage customers. To make this happen, marketing and IT must join forces. Sitecore demonstrates how to break down silos in your organisation in this new report.

Finding success in today’s world isn’t easy. But every successful business out there has a common thread tying them together, one that you can emulate as you strive to reconnect with your customers now digital has become the primary channel of brand/customer communication: Experience.

Forward-thinking business leaders understand that a positive Customer Experience (CX) is mission-critical to success. And they understand that digital transformation is the only way they’ll build engaging experiences. For instance, by 2022, 80% of revenue growth will hinge on digital offerings and operations. But whereas many organisations are focusing on modernising customer touchpoints as part of their transformation, 41% make transformation investments without customer research to guide them.

What’s more, IT and marketing teams act in silos, when in reality they should be working in sync to craft better digital experiences, harnessing the knowledge of each team. The disconnect between marketing and IT is nothing new. Almost half of executives say marketing and IT don’t work together – and that the costs of not aligning can impact project outcomes.

It’s time for a reconciliation. It’s time to future-proof your Customer Experience. It’s time for marketing and IT to join forces to form a digital transformation dream team, and Sitecore’s new report is here to show you the way.


Break Down Silos, Enhance Experience 
The importance of cross-functional leadership and alignment on tasks can’t be exaggerated. To ensure smooth progress, Sitecore outlines how IT and marketing teams should align to positively impact digital transformation efforts.

Increase Speed-to-Market, Outpace the Competition
Collaboration benefits the wider organisation. By aligning with IT, marketers can get to market two to four times faster than their competitors. Learn how in this report from Sitecore.

Learn from Experience: Case Studies 
The report also contains a selection of case studies of brands that have already aligned their marketing and IT functions. See how they benefitted and take their experience as lessons for your own alignment strategy.



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