How to Deliver Powerful Personalised Experiences with Sitecore & Salesforce

Transforming your business to deliver enhanced customer experiences shouldn’t be limited by a choice of one platform or another. You can integrate Sitecore with Salesforce for unparalleled experiences – and here’s how.

In this exclusive guide for IT leaders, Sitecore analyses the changes in consumer demand sweeping the globe as markets shift ever more to the digital sphere. The challenges facing IT leaders are laid bare, including the need to provide more business agility, a reduction in complexity, and ever-increasing efficiency.

But above all, customers now expect more from their favourite brands and their digital channels. The question is, how can IT professionals help drive these connected and exceptional customer experiences?

By fusing customer data from your CRM and making sure you harness this to deliver the right content at the right time for the right people, IT professionals can help thier marketing team to reach customers like never before. It’s time to deliver personalisation at scale – and the best way to do so is by combining Salesforce with Sitecore.

Download this full report now to learn more about how to integrate these two pivotal systems and boost customer engagement and loyalty today!


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