The Success Story of Deutsche Börse Using Real-Time Data to Get Ahead of Critical Events

Real-time data can dramatically improve corporate security, establish trust and credibility at the highest levels and secure your employees, property and reputation. The success story of Deutsche Börse shows how they were able to achieve all of this in a short span of time.

Deutsche Börse is an international exchange organization and market infrastructure provider, headquartered in Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, Germany. They have more than 10,000 employees spread across 60 global locations. And they face many challenges including geopolitical instability, cyberattacks and corporate travel protection. To augment their physical security and improve their business resilience, they turned towards real time data.  

This case study shows how this use of real-time data changed their corporate security. During the political crisis in Hong Kong, and more recently, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, real-time data proved vital.  It ensured that their employees and assets were safe, and business was not seriously disrupted. Download the case study to discover the key insights you can take away from their journey.  


Real-Time Data Saves Lives & Protects Property:  
David Krueger, Head of Physical Security at Deutsche Börse, said: “During the political crisis in Hong Kong, because we provided real-time information to our staff, they were able to avoid the impacted areas both during and outside of work. Find out how in the full case study. 

Real-Time Data Improves Trust & Credibility at Board Level:
By identifying and responding effectively and quickly to incidents, the security team at Deutsche Börse has become more involved with executive decision making. The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a case in point. Download now to learn more.  

Real-Time Data Enables Cross Functional Collaboration and Support:  
“We can transform a small team into an intelligence powerhouse. . . which can pull in the information and provide all the different stakeholders with actionable intelligence,” says David Krueger. But how? The answer is just a click away.




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