Strengthening Business Resilience with Real-time Data

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Corporate and cyber security leaders in Europe are reckoning with a seismic shift in the risk landscape. High-impact events can disrupt business, threaten lives and damage property at any moment.

AI experts, Dataminr, explore how enterprises can use real-time data to identify such threats, contextualise information and make rapid decisions. With a holistic view of risks, you can fortify  security, strengthen business resilience and futureproof your organisation. 

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Exclusive research reveals how security leaders are reshaping their threat response with AI

The expanded threat landscape, coupled with a dire talent drought in the security industry, is making security leaders turn towards AI as a force multiplier.

We surveyed and interviewed both physical and cyber security leaders to explore the strategic path they plan to take.


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Trends that are reshaping the security industry

Discover how the great wave of modernisation is changing security operations, with this quick read from AI experts, Dataminr.

Four easy steps to improve collaboration between physical and cybersecurity:

With growing hybrid threats, companies are improving collaboration between their cyber and physical security. Here are four simple ways to do it.

Why Businesses Need Converged Security Now More Than Ever

Security threats in the modern world blur the boundaries between cyber and physical realms. So, is it still viable to treat them as separate departments? Read this article to learn more.

How differentiating business resilience from business continuity can benefit your enterprise 

Discover, in this in-depth article from Dataminr, how business continuity and business resilience are different, and how you can use real-time data to boost the latter.

Building a successful crisis management plan in five steps

How do leading enterprises manage crises? Read this article to find out the simple five-step process to keep people, property and reputation safe.

How Small Security Teams Use Real-Time Data for Stronger Security & Resilience

Discover how real-time data can allow your security teams to save lives, secure property and protect business reputation without being spread thin in this CEO.digital article.


How Businesses Can Benefit From Real-Time Alerting

Knowing the factors that affect the safety of your employees and infrastructure can be transformative. This infographic from Dataminr shows all the ways you can benefit from real-time alerting.

Manage Crisis Like The Best Security Leaders With 10 Golden Rules

Security leaders across the world have best practices for crisis response. Here are the ten most-commonly cited ones, summarized in an accessible infographic from Dataminr.

The Four Essential Elements To Build A Resilient Business

There are four essential elements required to build a resilient business. This infographic from Dataminr quickly explains what those elements are. Download now.


Exclusive research reveals how security leaders are reshaping their threat response with AI

Discover exclusive security insights from our latest research into the changing risk landscape, and how security leaders are responding to it. The keys to stronger business resilience are AI, public data sources, and greater collaboration.

A Proven Method For Optimising Your Physical Security Operations

Optimise your physical security operations with this guide from Dataminr. Containing best practices from the best teams, it’s yours with just a click.

Predicting High-Impact Events to Unlock Your Crisis Advantage

Knowing about a crisis, even just a few minutes earlier than others, can make a world of difference in security. Use this Dataminr guide to unlock the crisis advantage.

How to improve your organisation’s resilience in the modern risk landscape

In this report from Dataminr, find out how you can navigate the modern risk landscape, apply real-tim

Improving Enterprise’s Weather Preparedness Through Geovisualisation

Geovisualisation can help you better prepare for extreme weather. In this report from Dataminr, you’ll discover how companies use it to protect lives, property and business operations.

Applying the Power of Real-Time Data to Navigate Extreme Weather

Discover how businesses in Germany and Belgium mitigated the worst losses during floods with real-time data in this report from Dataminr.


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Jack Carraway on how to predict hybrid threats and improve business resilience

Jack Carraway, Director, Corporate Solutions Practice, Dataminr, sat down with The CEO.digital Show to discuss the future of security, the role of AI in modern SOCs, and the evolution of hybrid threats. Listen now.

David James-Roll on strengthening business resilience using real-time data

David James-Roll, Dataminr’s Director of Corporate Solutions Practice, joins us to discuss how corporate security is evolving and how modern enterprises are overcoming new challenges using real-time data.

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