Exclusive research reveals how security leaders are reshaping their threat response with AI

The expanded threat landscape, coupled with a dire talent drought in the security industry, is making security leaders turn towards AI as a force multiplier. We surveyed and interviewed both physical and cyber security leaders to explore the strategic path they plan to take. Read on to learn what we discovered from this exclusive research.

Global enterprises face a host of challenges. Supply chains are disrupted; regulations are growing in number and complexity; and severe weather events are seemingly ubiquitous. Along with these concerns, they also must reckon with geopolitical tensions and malicious actors using newer, tech-driven ways to disrupt business.

Security leaders face a formidable task in securing the enterprise, especially because the necessary talent is hard to find. How do they plan to find the way forward? Our exclusive report, commissioned by AI experts, Dataminr, answers that question.

In this detailed, 36-page report, we identify the factors that have had the most impact on business resilience over the last 12 months. You’ll see the technical and organisational challenges that stand in the way of security teams, as well as how security leaders intend to navigate them. Furthermore, you’ll learn how public data sources are serving as a goldmine of real-time insight for security teams, helping them pinpoint threats early and act fast to address them. Most importantly, you’ll discover how AI is a key piece of the puzzle that can help you address the talent deficit, acquire more budget and drive C-level conversations.

Download the report to find out all of this and more.


AI is helping security teams understand the full picture of threats
Discover how leading security teams in sectors such as FinTech, corporate insurance and information technology are using AI to get a detailed, granular picture of threats in real-time.

Data-driven conversations are key to acquiring more budget for security initiatives
In a time of corporate retrenchment, security leaders are using data to drive conversations at the C-level to make a strong business case for security investment. Our report shows how AI can help you to get hold of this data.

Now is the time to collaborate with your security counterpart
Whether you’re a cyber or physical security leader, now is the time to dissolve silos, establish open channels of communication and map overlapping threats together. As threats converge, enterprises are responding by rethinking their entire approach to security. Are you?




Exclusive research reveals how security leaders are reshaping their threat response...

Discover exclusive security insights from our latest research into the changing risk landscape, and how security leaders are responding to it. The keys to stronger business resilience are AI, public data sources, and greater collaboration.

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