How to Support More Remote Workers – Without More Tech Complexity

Remote working is a new reality that’s here to stay. But to make it work, enterprise leaders are being asked to deliver even more. Today, Citrix explores how to support remote working growth without more tech complexity. 

How can you quickly scale your IT environment as your workforce continues to undergo what looks like irrevocable change? You need to support a growing remote workforce and provide an environment that’s scalable, secure, and flexible. Not only that, but you must deliver this support on limited resources and with a shrinking budget.

Addressing this mission-critical concern, Citrix recently outlined the key ways to reduce complexity in a new report and research. For Citrix, business efficiencies rely on IT efficiencies, but the increase in remote work means teams have more to manage. Only through virtualisation can they support the expanding remote workforce.

In this report, learn about how large enterprises are improving day-to-day management experience, streamlining security policies, and deploying the right models to support remote teams while reducing complexity.


Shrinking Budgets Need More Efficient Ops
The IDC expected IT spending to drop by 5.1% in 2020. Meanwhile, Gartner claimed IT spending would fall by 8%. But IT leaders are still expected to deliver for their remote workforces. Learn how to take your infrastructure further on less money.

How to Elevate Your IT Efficiencies with Virtualisation
By centralising and virtualising all of your apps and desktops, you can cut resource time by managing everything through a single console and spend more time on building a better experience to both remote and on-site workers.

Streamline Enforcement of Your Security Policies
Allow remote employees to use their preferred devices without compromising your security. Download the full report to learn about modern virtualisation processes and how these enhance the security of your IT infrastructure – all by reducing complexity.



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