Reducing Complexity for Digital Transformation

Discover how to create customer value by simplifying the digital transformation journey with this new report from technology leaders, Citrix

There are no two ways about it: digital transformation is hard. In a PricewaterhouseCoopers study, 86% of CEOs stated that digital transformation is their number one priority. Across most industry verticals, this represents an existential threat to their organisations. Few businesses are immune – and those that appear immune today won’t be tomorrow.

Recent studies suggest that digital disruption is set to wipe out 40% of the current Fortune 500 firms in the next 10 years. As a result, digital transformation has moved off the CIO’s desk and onto the boardroom table. It is mission-critical, and every C-Suite leader needs to take initiative to accelerate the digital transformation journey.

That’s where Citrix aims to help. In this new report, Citrix outlines how to create new customer value by simplifying the digital transformation journey. No one is suggesting that the pressures facing organisations are easy to overcome – but with this guide, you can start making them that little bit easier. Request your free copy now!


The Common Pitfalls of Digital Business Transformation
While the opportunities of digital transformation are many, there are plenty of pitfalls, too. Understand what these pitfalls are to help simplify your digital transformation today.

In a World of Firsts, Application First Is What Matters
It may not seem so obvious, but what really ties your digital transformation together are your applications. We’ve seen Mobile First, Software First, Cloud First. Now it’s time to be Application First.

A Better Way to Do Digital Transformation
Finally, learn how Citrix can help address the top five challenges facing CIOs, including fixing the employee experience, keeping up with the changing face of security, predictive analytics, the multi-cloud, and the evolution of applications.



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