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Fibre: 5G’s Best Friend!

How can fibre address 5G network densification? With increased speed and capacity for higher frequencies at higher bandwidth and lower latency. Mentor's CEO shares his thoughts.

The Rules of Business Technology Modernization

OC Tanner's CIO, Niel Nickolaisen, reveals the top rules for business technology modernization. From DevOps to target architecture, these are the essential tried-and-tested insights you need to power transformation for your business.

How AI Is Solving the Complex World of Music Copyright &...

Music copyright is an incredibly complex and disjointed area to get your head around. Even more so with the rise of social media. In this article, discover how AI is stepping in to help navigate this complex relationship.

How AI Can Deliver Beyond the Buy Button for Disabled Customers

Sean Sherwin-Smith of HelloDone explores the measures retailers must take to deliver inclusive CX for customers with disabilities.

How Continuous Improvement Turns Giant Leaps of Progress into Small, Manageable...

Jeff Keyes, VP of Product Marketing & Strategy at Plutora, shares his expert opinion on how tech leaders should embrace a continuous approach to app development to create new efficiencies and value.

Optimise Your DevOps Function with Value Stream Management

Software teams are under more pressure than ever before. Reducing inter-team friction and transforming internally to facilitate mature DevOps functionality has become the key...

Can AI Boost Your Digital Transformation Strategy in Today’s Volatile Times?

Businesses are putting greater amounts of data to use, predicting the future, and reaping vastly better results. Discover how AI is helping them in this article.

Will 5G Make Fixed Wireless Access Come of Age?

Is FWA a new alternative to fibre? Mentor's CEO, David Hilliard, examines the implications of 5G and fixed wireless access maturity in this guest article for

Why MedTech Is Ripe for Investment & Innovation

Harro Stokman, Founder & CEO of Kepler Vision Technologies, discusses the investment shot-in-the-arm MedTech received in 2020, and what it means going forwards...