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What Is Auto Personalization & What Should You Expect from It?

In a new Guest Spotlight, Jill Grozalsky of Sitecore shows us what auto personlization is and what marketing executives can expect to accomplish with it.

How Unified Software-Defined Storage Paired with Data Management Helps Businesses Navigate...

Guest post spotlight with Chris Hardy, Senior Director, EMEA Sales, Emerging Technologies at Commvault. The development of multi-cloud environments, cloud native applications, DevOps, containers and...

The Manufacturing Industry’s Opportunity to Reimagine Customer Experience

Now is the time for the manufacturing industry to reinvent its approach to Customer Experience. Learn more in Sitecore's latest Guest Spotlight.

Three Steps We Took to Cultivate a Data Solution Portfolio

Rackspace’s Juan Riojas and Lara Indrikovs share the three key steps they took to cultivate a data solution portfolio in this new guest article for

Why Do Some Organisations Thrive in a Crisis?

In challenging times, there are always some organisations that exhibit extraordinary longevity, and an ability to adapt quickly to changing times. We explore how this is possible, and whether they share a set of common characteristics.

A Customer Service Revolution Driven by Digital Transformation

In this guest article, Robin Speculand, CEO and esteemed author, analyses how digital technologies are powering a new age of customer services.

Delivering Against Demand: What Agile Customer Experience Looks Like

Many businesses know how essential it is, but how do you actually go about providing amazing CX? The key is to be agile! Victoria Greene discusses what agile CX is and how you can implement it in this guest spot.

How to Form a Data-First Culture for Your Organisation

Marcos Monteiro, CEO & Co-Founder of Veezoo, defines what data leaders can do to transform their company into a true data-driven enterprise.

The CEO as Catalyst, Not Controller

The CEO of SYZYGY, Ita Murphy, outlines her thoughts on how the company’s highest function can fuel innovation rather than control and hinder it.