Join us as we gather a selection of expertly informed perspectives on how we can use AI to revolutionise work – and life – to benefit everyone. is evolving.

We exist in a time of technological upheaval. And it’s our responsibility to interrogate the pressures shaping the tech landscape with insights and opinions from the front lines of the AI transformation. Which is why we’ve decided to launch our first series, dedicated solely to one subject – Responsible AI.

AI has dominated tech news over the last year, highlighting the opportunities and risks of gifting technology the power to make our choices for us. And as that AI wave keeps cresting, we’ve noticed a gap in the conversation. The crucial question of responsibility.

With AI capability and scepticism rising and reacting in kind, we want to shed light on what we can achieve under the right conditions.

For all of us, our journey with AI has reached a volatile point. The precedent we set today will define how we accelerate into an AI-enhanced future; as well as who gets left behind.

All about Responsible AI

In this series, we’ll bring a multi-medium approach to all aspects of Responsible AI. Here’s what you can look forward to:

A brand-new series of Show interviews with experts on the cutting edge of Responsible AI, including Toju Duke (Founder, Diverse AI), Dr Maya Dillon (Cambridge Consultants), and Uthman Ali (AI Ethics SME). These interviews will offer a range of unique perspectives on the same issue, giving you the insight you need for an informed opinion.

Original articles
A host of original articles on providing specialist opinion and insight from guest writers on the future of AI, how the tech industry is changing to accommodate it, and what we can vs what we should do.

In-depth report
An in-depth report on industry attitudes towards AI use, governance and regulation, as well as key risk areas for business, reputation, trust, and societal concerns. This is not to be missed!


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