Getting Omnichannel Right: How to Take Your CX Strategy Everywhere

Customers now engage with their favourite brands across a multitude of channels – and expect a consistent experience across every touchpoint. Brands must be omnichannel, and in this guide we show you how.

In an age of shifting customer expectations and behaviours, it’s never been more important to transform how brands approach their marketing strategy. Customer-centricity alone isn’t enough. Marketers must ensure that their brands are accessible with the same level of consistency across every touchpoint – or risk losing segments of their consumers to businesses that do.

This is omnichannel, and it’s long been one of the defining elements of effective Customer Experience (CX) strategy. But in an age of social distancing and ever-increasing digital engagement, omnichannel has taken on a whole other level of importance.

In this exclusive report, examines the origins of omnichannel, what benefits omnichannel strategies bring to brands, and how to get omnichannel right. Our five-step approach to omnichannel is a simple way to ensure your brand establishes a consistent experience across every touchpoint.

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Why Do Brands Benefit from Omnichannel?
There are four main reasons why omnichannel increases customer engagement. In this exclusive omnichannel CX guide, acquire the stats you need to get key decision-makers on your side.

Reconnect with Your Customers in an Era of Distancing
Digital has taken on new meaning in 2020. The onus is on brands to find new ways of connecting with their customers. This guide provides brands with the crucial insights they need to start reconnecting with customers – and rebuild loyalty.

How to Get Omnichannel Right in Five Easy Steps
Omnichannel doesn’t have to be hard. With our five simple steps, you’ll have the criteria against which you can measure all of your touchpoints and ensure you deliver an exceptional experience everywhere.


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