Tackling the UK’s Rural Mobile Coverage Problem

Explore how MNOs can work with each other and the Government to implement a resolution surrounding a Rural Neutral Host Mobile Network.

7 Steps to Successfully Manage Your Program Portfolio

photo of office buildings
Discover the 7 steps underpinning your business-critical objectives and secure the most attractive financial and strategic opportunities.

How ‘Mobile-Centric’ Fibre Networks Will Make the UK a 5G Leader

Mobile network
This whitepaper from Mentor Europe looks at how MNOs in the UK can work with each other and with fixed infrastructure providers and investors to drive change.

Fibre: 5G’s Best Friend!

Young woman calling with smart phone.
How can fibre address 5G network densification? With increased speed and capacity for higher frequencies at higher bandwidth and lower latency. Mentor's CEO shares his thoughts.

How to Increase 4G Capacity & Build Strong Foundations for 5G

network cables
5G is here, but it'll be a long time until we see a full roll-out. What can we do to increase 4G capacity in the meantime? Mentor's CEO, David Hilliard, investigates.

Machine Learning in Finance: Why, What & How?

machine learning
Machine learning is making significant inroads in the financial services industry. See why financial companies should care, what solutions they can implement with AI and machine learning, and how they can apply this technology.

The Evolution of the Program Delivery Team

Evolution of pr team
Business-critical programs are typically high profile and need results delivered fast. With a high-performing program deliver team, David Hilliard shows you can enhance program mobilisation.

Deadly Program Resourcing Slipups & What You Can Do About Them

Mentor CEO David Hilliard examines the biggest traps in program resourcing and gives his thoughts on what you can do to overcome them.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Cloud Computing

Cloud Adoption
The key to implementing and maintaining the right cloud computing solution for your business lies in taking a holistic approach. Your hosting platform, migration method and ongoing operations need to be considered together, to avoid costly mistakes and risk business performance. Find out how...