Technology for integrated reporting: guide for driving multi-capital thinking

Practical assistance for finance leaders exploring technologies to support next-generation reporting practice Technology plays a larger role than ever as a driver of organisational value, competitive...
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Corporate performance management: How to solve legacy limitations

In a time where the impact of technological trends and financial processes and implications must come together, the relationship between CFOs and the rest of the C-Suite is more critical than ever.
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How to solve big growth problems in fintech development: Scale-up report

Explore collective insight and experience in fintech development, discover the critical scalability bottlenecks in fintech, and find out the ways to eliminate them.
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Case study: Aviva & Workday

Seeing the benefits of a global view As one of the world’s largest insurance companies, London-based Aviva must perform a delicate balancing act: operating as...

The real SaaS manifesto

Defining the true benefits of software-as-a-service In today’s IT landscape, many organisations have adopted a cloud-first approach to business systems. Yet with so many vendors...
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A new approach to audit and control in enterprise software

Learn why a new approach is needed Read this whitepaper, “A New Approach to Audit and Control in Enterprise Software”, and discover more about the...
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The impact of GDPR on HR

From challenge to opportunity GDPR is expected to bring sweeping changes to how HR organisations manage and protect employee data. While compliance is a top priority for...
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Whitepaper: 8 good reasons to bring finance and human capital management together

For senior industry leaders Most businesses treat finance and Human Capital Management (HCM) as different domains, but this separation creates a lot of problems. Combining finance...
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Demystifying cloud security

In the report “Demystifying Cloud Security,” you’ll learn why the cloud is your best bet for data security It’s no small feat for CIOs...
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5 requirements of today’s consolidation systems

How today's systems solve yesterday's problems – and what you need to modernise your work Finance reporting shouldn't involve workarounds or band-aid solutions. Instead your...