Industry 4.0 is here and it’s happening fast. The world wants, needs and expects instant access to apps, data and technology. From any device in any location and with baked-in security. Data centres, over to you. Except… you know it’s not that easy. 

Today’s tech-fuelled transformation era is putting traditional data centres under unprecedented pressureThis pressure is coming from businesses, users and consumers – from every physical, virtual and cloud-centric angle 

The answer is next-generation infrastructure supporting a digital ecosystem. However, the question is how to make it happen. (that’s where Digital Centre comes in). Established in 2015, formerly as DigitalCentre2020, we’re supported by 10 of the world’s leading data centre, interconnection and infrastructure providers.  

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Exploring the Connectivity Landscape from Colocation to the Cloud

Digital Centre's Omer Wilson hosts another edition of the exclusive podcast series where we interview thought leaders in the data centre space. This time, Omer talks to Megaport's Jason Bordujenko about the connectivity landscape.

Turkey’s Growth as a Technology Start-Up Ecosystem

For the third episode of Digital Centre’s podcast series, host Omer Wilson talks with Founder and CEO Göktürk Yetim and CMO Yakup Sari of Macellan about the rise of Turkey as a hub of start-up activity. Listen now!

Cloud Adoption & Growth in South East Asia

The Digital Centre's podcast series returns, as Omer Wilson discusses cloud adoption and growth within South-East Asia. Joining Omer is ACCA's May-Ann Lim. Listen in for free now!

The Future of the Data Centre in India

The Digital Centre launches its very own podcast series. Data centre leader Omer Wilson talks with RackBank's Narendra Sen about the future of the data centre within India. Listen for free!

The Rise of Blockchain in APAC

Our sister publication, The Digital Centre, explores the rise of blockchain in APAC with this exclusive white paper. From the market impact of blockchain to real-life use cases within the APAC region, explore the ascent of blockchain to understand how you can utilise this emerging technology.

Interconnection & IoT Trends for 2020 in APAC

We explore the key Internet of Things and Interconnectivity 2020 trends fuelling change in APAC in this report from Digital Centre. Request the full report now to plot your expansion into the APAC market with the latest emerging tech.

Into Interconnection: Future Forecasts for Data Centre Leaders

Cloud connections are on the rise, which is why Digital Centre looked at the future of data centres in this exclusive report, sponsored by Digital Realty.

The Network API Revolution

Network APIs are powering a revolution in the way organisations deploy and run services. Learn more from the Digital Centre report on APIs and programmability.

The Digital Transformation Advantage

What is digital transformation? It's the be-all and end-all of modern enterprise. Discover what it takes to get ahead in this exclusive report from our sister publication, the Digital Centre.

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