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Today’s tech-fuelled transformation era is putting traditional data centres in the APAC region under unprecedented pressure. The solution to guaranteed success is a digital ecosystem supported by next-generation infrastructure.

Digital Centre is here to assist you and your data centres on a journey towards a digital future.

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How Defying Data Gravity Can Help Korea’s Digital New Deal Initiative...

Dramatic change has defined the enterprise computing market for at least a decade now, and the pace shows no signs of slowing.  Businesses are deploying...

How to Mitigate the Effects of Data Gravity

Discover how to mitigate the effects of data gravity in this new report from the Digital Centre.

The Rise of Sustainable Data Centres

In this exclusive whitepaper from Digital Centre, uncover the viable solutions that can help to decarbonise data centres in the Asia-Pacific region while building greater cloud solutions.

Digital Ecosystems in the APAC Region: Trends Predictions for 2021 &...

30% of firms this will accelerate spend on cloud, security, networks and mobility. Discover how the APAC region is evolving with this digital ecosystems trends report.


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A strong leader with vast data centre knowledge, Omer has a clear strategic direction and a strong understanding of how to maximise digital transformation efforts, and ensure marketing alignment for guaranteed success.

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Enterprises are looking to connect multiple data centres, and ensure resiliency of their hybrid-cloud deployments. Digital Realty offers reliable, simple, and secure solutions to accelerate their cloud journey.


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Listen to episodes from Data Centre 4.0 where we talk next-generation data centres. 

The State of the Data Centre Industry in India, 2021

In this episode, host Omer Wilson talks with the Founder & CEO of RackBank datacentres, Narendra Sen, around the state of the data centre industry across India and Asia in 2021.

The Changing Landscape of Cloud Across Asia

In the latest episode of the Digital Centre podcast, Omer Wilson talks with IBM’s Associate Partner of Hybrid Cloud Services, Shyam Ganneri, around the changing landscape of cloud across organisations in Asia.

The Future of International Interconnectivity

Omer Wilson talks with AMSIX’s CEO Peter van Burgel around the future of international interconnectivity.

The Importance of the Sustainability Imperative for Data Centres

Omer Wilson talks with Vertiv's Vice President Colocation & Hyperscale, ANZ, SEA & India Tony Gaunt on why sustainability is a top priority for data centres.

The State of the South Korean Data Centre and Digital Transformation Market

In the first episode of the Digital Centre podcast for 2021, Omer Wilson talks with Digital Realty's Country Head for South Korea Jay Weon Khym.

2021 Predictions for the Cloud Computing and Data Centre Industries

Omer Wilson and Asia Cloud Computing Association’s Executive Director Lim May-Ann discuss what 2021 holds for the cloud computing and data centre industries in APAC.

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Established in 2015 and formerly known as DigitalCentre2020, the Digital Centre is our sister publication. Supported by 10 of the world’s leading APAC data centre, interconnection and infrastructure providers, the Digital Centre is here to support you and your data centres on a journey towards a digital future. From realising ROI from legacy IT and hybrid cloud migrations, to identifying trends around existing and forthcoming transformative technologies, this the home of strategic cloud insights.

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