Is Your Bank Future Ready? The Financial Services CIO of 2025

Dell Technologies and VMware delve deeper into the technological and organisational change needed from forward-thinking FSI CIOs in this insightful study.

It’s clear: the FSI sector is embracing transformation. New research claims that half of CIOs are looking to be working as CEOs by the year 2025. With this vision in mind, and with CIOs of the finance sector acting as primary drivers in fundamental industry change, those wanting to spearhead business growth and set their company up to become part of the next generation of financial services need to know what to prioritize and how.

CIOs are expecting to take on responsibility of CEOs in the not-so-distant future. From altering the mindset of legacy systems and processes, increasing cybersecurity, adopting new technologies, and even responding to the social and moral concerns over data disclosure, there’s a lot to think about when navigating the future of finance.

Dell Technologies and VMware are here to pinpoint the key takeaways from the CIO 2025 survey on how these executives must master the deployment and management of new technologies, identify emerging business opportunities, and take responsibility for introducing new products and services across the enterprise.


Revenue Generating Responsibilities are Taking Over
The IT function is pivoting from simply saving costs to more revenue-generating opportunities. For other ways on adding value to your business as a CIO, take a look at the full study.

Keeping Up With the Pace of Emerging Technology
By 2021, 65% of FSI CIOs are expecting Machine Learning to be critical to business success. Look here for more information on how CIOs are staying relevant and gaining advantage through technology.

More than Just Financial Obligations
CIOs believe their role is starting to encompass crucial developments in steering revolutionary socio-economic issues. Read the full study for more on the evolving role of the CIO.


Is Your Bank Future Ready? The Financial Services CIO of 2025

Dell Technologies and VMware share executive insights on the evolving role of the CIO in FSI over the next few years. Read more on how to champion change and increase revenue in this compelling study.

Transforming the Business of Finance

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