The Customer-Centric CFO: Survey Reveals Why Finance Is Pushing for Experience Innovation

In the 2020s, 80% of organisations will compete based on Customer Experience (CX) alone. As the key C-Suite partner, the CFO is fundamental to driving a customer-centric approach and achieving success.

Finance leaders today have to contend with their role transforming from bookkeeper into one of the chief drivers of business operations, innovation and performance. CFOs will now need to guide strategic decision-making in order to nurture and maintain successful business outcomes.

But of the vast array of strategic opportunities available to CFOs, one stands out above the rest: Customer Experience (CX). CFOs are now reimagining their role and placing greater emphasis on CX following new insights on the value of customer satisfaction. In fact, they are embracing data analytics on a greater scale to create new business value by prioritising customer needs.

In this exclusive survey, we approached dozens of CFOs from around the world and asked them about their strategies – and where the customer fit into their plans. The lesson we took? CFOs are moving away from incumbent legacy software, leveraging technology to meet the challenges of today’s digital era and rising customer expectations.

Access the full survey report for free now. You’ll learn how CFOs are transforming their organisations by taking a customer-centric approach to business – and what that means for your own…


Key Insights

Becoming Customer-Centric

CFOs must now approach customer-centricity through a value lens and understand that increasing intangible factors such as customer satisfaction can lead to exponential gains. See how other CFOs are managing this transformation.

Where Does the CFO Fit within the Organisation?

We asked our respondents about how they thought their role fit within the wider organisation. Access the full infographic now to learn why CFOs see their role as integral.

Achieving Enhanced CX via Innovation

The modern CFO understands that to succeed, they must invest. See how CFOs are investing in innovative new technologies to maintain their organisation’s relationship with customers – even in a time of pandemic.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction Takes Priority

Many CFOs now believe that customer satisfaction metrics will become an increasing priority in the coming months. Only those businesses that nurture customer loyalty will be able to compete.


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