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Today’s successful companies rely on data. From Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify with their ‘if you liked that, try this’ algorithm-based recommendations. To banks, insurers and investment brokers who uncover insights buried within customer and industry data sets. Discover strategies, trends and predictions that show how to take advantage of the vast volumes.

Thoughts on GDPR’s 1st birthday

Thoughts on GDPR's 1st birthday Can you believe GDPR is now one year old? Even though 12 months is a long time in digital marketing,...

Episode 06: The Future of Data Centre Interconnection

In the latest episode of Digital Centre’s podcast series, host Omer Wilson talks with Chad Kinlay, Director of Marketing and Communications at Epsilon, on the future of Data Centre Interconnection along with the current state of play. Omer and Chad touch on some of the challenges in the traditional data centre interconnect ecosystems face. They look at the state of the market in Asia and globally in the current climate, the impact of the cloud and cloud interconnectivity on the ecosystem, and what new technologies have the potential of disrupting the current state.

Episode 05: How AI and HPC can tackle the data tsunami

In the latest episode of Digital Centre’s podcast series, host Omer Wilson talks with CEO and founder of XTREME-D, Naoki Shibata, on the growing need for High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With HPC systems generating more data and IoT systems adding to the global data tsunami, Naoki and Omer dialling in from Japan and Singapore, explore how AI is helping enterprises to process this.

Prioritising Privacy: Protecting Employee Data 

Prioritising Privacy: Protecting Employee Data GDPR is expected to bring sweeping changes to how HR organisations manage and protect employee data. While compliance is a top priority...

Solution architectures for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Secure your organisation's data and be GDPR-compliant.

Episode 07: APAC’s Cloud Readiness Index 2020

In the latest episode of Digital Centre’s podcast series, host Omer Wilson talks with May-Ann Lim, Executive Director at Asia Cloud Computing Association, on the recently published Cloud Readiness Index Report for 2020. Omer and May-Ann touch on the key takeaways from the report, including how cloud readiness in APAC is advancing, but pace of progress is beginning to stall; how APAC economies have continued to evolve in a positive way, but core capabilities like privacy and managing risks remain fragile; how some APAC markets risk losing out on economic recovery by not leveraging “leapfrog” technologies.