Data Modernisation: Removing the Barriers to AI & Machine Learning

The importance of data modernisation is critical to the enterprise, but it’s also a minefield for IT and business decision makers — knowing where to start and taking on the inevitable hurdles in your pathway. In this new report, Rackspace examine how to solve data infrastructure challenges together.

Businesses are sitting on mountains of data, but they aren’t getting the full value from that data. This is an opportunity to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to predict customer behaviour, automate customer service, make operational forecasts, improve efficiency and enhance product offerings.

But to do this, businesses need more than just stacks of data points. They need secure, real-time data and – with more people accessing data from more locations – data platforms that are more flexible, scalable and secure than ever before.

To discover how effective data teams engrain new technology and management into their data approach, Rackspace surveyed 1,870 IT leaders ina range of industries spanning manufacturing, finance, retail, government and healthcare across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Download the full report now to unlock findings on AI and machine learning adoption, usage, benefits, impacts and future plans.


Dissect Modern Data Challenges  
Rackspace’s respondents self-identified into three categories of AI and machine learning maturity. Learn more and compare the findings to your organisation right here.

Formalise Your Data Modernisation Program
To prepare your organisation for an AI-powered future, you need to get your data in order. See the importance of a data modernization program in these survey results.

How Rackspace Technology Helps  
Finally, you’ll discover how Rackspace Technology can help IT leaders to modernise their data strategy through an optimised data architecture that exploits the true value of AI.



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