The Future of the Internet Exchange and the Data Centre

AMS-IX’s Peter van Burgel and Digital Realty’s Mark Smith are this week’s guests on the Data Centre 4.0. Listen in to the full episode now for more on how the internet exchange continues to evolve.

In the latest episode of the Digital Centre’s podcast series, host Omer Wilson talks with both AMS-IX’s CEO Peter van Burgel and Digital Realty’s Managing Director for Asia Pacific Mark Smith on how the digital behaviour has changed since the beginning of the global pandemic and what that means for the future of internet exchanges, data centres and the digital ecosystem.

Peter and Mark share their insights around the increase in traffic, the digital behaviour changes that are here to stay and the ones that will revert to their pre-pandemic dimensions. They also touch on how productivity has increased and how important it is to think about sustainability and doing things virtually vs physically.

Mark and Peter also discuss what is next for data centres and internet exchanges in light of the explosion of technology and what the impact of 5G, Iot and AI will be for both industries. They touch on why the data centre, connectivity and energy industries are becoming more and more intertwined and dependant on each other and what are some of the cybersecurity concerns that need to be considered in the future.

Peter Van Burgel, AMS-IX

Peter van Burgel

Mark Smith, Digital Realty

Mark Smith
Managing Director – APAC,
Digital Realty

Podcast host

Omer Wilson
Head of Marketing APAC,
Digital Realty

A strong leader with vast data centre knowledge, Omer has a clear strategic direction and a strong understanding of how to maximise digital transformation efforts, and ensure marketing alignment for guaranteed success.

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