The Data Management Imperative: The Critical Differentiator in the Data Era

Data and how organisations manage it continues to be the major differentiator between successful businesses and failing ones. In this survey from Dell Technologies, we uncover how leading organisations are utilising data management to drive continued positive results

For many organisations, data is the single greatest resource already available today. It should come as no surprise then that managing data better is the greatest untapped opportunity to unlock new value and drive new paths to innovation. Moreover, effective data management is a prerequisite to harnessing many emerging technologies. For organisations that want to be on the forefront of these developments, modern data management is ‘must have’ not a ‘nice-to-have.’

The paradigm has shifted, and to be successful as technology and customer experiences continue to converge, organisations must build on a rock-solid data management foundation.

To shine a light on what is fast-becoming the defining area of success in modern business, Dell Technologies commissioned ESG to conduct a survey into the world’s top enterprises and their data management processes. The following report discovered how well organisations are positioned to make the most of their data.

89% of organisations said that data management and analytics is one of their top ten business and IT priorities for the next 24 months. Ensure your organisation is keeping up with the competition by downloading the full report and rethinking your data management strategy today!

Key Insights

Data Management Steers Strategy

In this exclusive survey, Dell Technologies showed that 65% of organisations have used insights and analytics from their data management practice to make a major strategy adjustment. How does your organisation compare?

Data Management Challenges to Overcome

While organisations understand the importance of operating a mature data management practice, they also face three key roadblocks that must be overcome: data, infrastructure, and people. Learn more in the full report.

Where Are Organisations on Their Data Management Journey?

The Dell Technologies/ESG survey analysed data management maturity and found that just 8% of organisations are data management leaders, but just 6% are data management novices. The message is clear: 86% of organisations are embracing data management – don’t get left behind!

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