What Business & Tech Challenges Are CXOs Facing in Q2 2021?

In partnership with Dell Technologies and VMware, we’re proud to present this timely report for the major challenges facing corporate tech leaders in Q2 2021. Access the report now.

What are the trends and challenges facing CXOs in Q2 2021? That’s the question VMware has answered with this new and comprehensive report, available now.

With insights gathered from consulting executive surveys, custom research, and interviews, VMware has managed to take a snapshot of the state of global business. The findings –  spanning the strategic burdens of Covid-19, the opportunity of improving employee health through technology, and the urgent need to accelerate digital transformation efforts – reflect a world undergoing constant change.

Unlock the full report now to see how business leaders like you are faring with global challenges and to apply strategic research to your projects both in this quarter and beyond.

Key insights

Pandemic Response Weighs on the C-Level

Discover how business leaders like you are handling the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. See how global events are adding new layers to CXOs’ existing strategic burdens, leaving them feeling isolated and overwhelmed – and what you can do about it.

Technology Execs Team with HR to Deliver Human-Centred IT

Improving the health of employees is fast becoming a top priority for CXOs. Learn more about how IT and HR execs this quarter will collaborate to define the optimal tech mix for putting employees first as workloads and workplaces change during and after the pandemic.

Delivering Rapid ROI from Digital Transformation Initiatives

The need for both digital transformation and an obvious return-on-investment has never been greater than right now. CXOs don’t have the leisure of waiting five years for a next-in-line, large-scale digital transformation project to pan out. Learn how tech leaders are getting more from digital transformation initiatives this quarter.

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