The Total Economic Impact of Hedvig: Cost Savings & Business Benefits of Distributed Storage

With potential cost savings of $900,000, Forrester identified the many benefits of Hedvig distributed storage in this Total Economic Impact study

How do you manage your organisation’s storage requirements? If you utilise proprietary storage platforms, including physical server hardware, you’ll likely think one thing: the cost, complexity and lack of resources make it extremely difficult to manage your enterprise storage. Ultimately, this leaves your entire organisation at risk, unable to scale storage to meet requirements and vulnerable to disasters.

But in its Total Economic Impact study of Hedvig, Forrester examined the potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises could see with a distributed storage platform – and the benefits are impressive.

In this exclusive study, Forrester found that customers who utilised Hedvig saw cost savings of $900,000 on average. Meanwhile, storage admins were able to manage four times as much storage.

These are just some of the valuable insights on offer in this exclusive report. Get your copy today and kickstart your organisation’s transition to a distributed storage solution.

Increased ROI with Distributed Storage

Forrester found that distributed storage solutions could have a ROI of up to 128%, with visible results in less than six months.

The Hedvig Customer Journey

Learn more about the Hedvig distributed storage platform and the key challenges it helps organisations to address.

Full Financial Analysis

Gain access to a full breakdown of costs, benefits and forecasts for large organisations that adopt Hedvig. See how your organisation would fare – download today!

About Commvault and Hedvig

For over 20 years, Commvault has been innovating in pursuit of data management perfection – so your org can simply be ready. Hedvig is Commvault’s distributed storage platform that empowers organisations with a software-defined storage infrastructure to tackle data fragmentation via containerisation, storage visualisation, and seamless disaster recovery.