Jason Fowler, Head of HR at Fujitsu Global, on Why HR Must Champion Digital Solutions to Enhance Employee Experience

The CEO.digital Show Episode 12


Jason Fowler joins us for the latest episode of The CEO.digital Show to chat about the critical need for the HR function to take a more active role in technology and digital infrastructure strategy – and not abandon this to the IT department. Partnerships between HR and tech teams will enhance employee experience.

As we prepare for Q2 2021, the easing of lockdowns here in the UK and around the world and the dawn of hybrid working, this was a great time to be speaking to Jason Fowler, HR Director and Head of HR Northern, Western and Southern Europe at Fujitsu Global.

Jason’s journey into HR didn’t happen overnight. He built his way into the role, starting out in recruitment before making what felt like a natural progression into HR. But Jason is now full-steam ahead within the function, striving to find new ways to engage employees and promote wellbeing. Underpinning it all is Jason’s commitment to and championship of all things digital, including encouraging a closer relationship between IT and HR.

During the podcast, we discussed:

  • How to increase diversity within the enterprise and the benefits of doing so
  • Why the HR function must evolve and become digital – because employee experiences are now defined by digital
  • The transformative role of data within HR and why the function must partner with the IT, data and any other relevant team to enhance the enterprise
  • How Jason and Fujitsu have aimed to promote employee wellbeing during the turmoil of the past year and the era of remote working

The full podcast is available now on all major streaming services, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Jason Fowler HR Fujitsu Global

About our Guest

Jason Fowler
VP, Head of HR Northern, Western and Southern Europe,
Fujitsu Global

Jason Fowler is a Vice President at Fujitsu and combines the role of HR Director for the UK & Ireland with that of Head of HR for Fujitsu’s European organisation. With twenty years’ experience in the technology sector, Jason has seen first-hand the impact that digitalisation has had, and continues to have, in disrupting organisations and their employees. He believes that in the era of total tech, the people capability of an organisation becomes the principal point of commercial differentiation – and it is the role of HR to create this.

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