On-Demand Webinar: Unpacking the AI Suitcase


Unpacking the AI suitcase

AI is not a single technology. Marvin Minsky, a pioneer in this field, describes AI as a “suitcase term.” It’s a concept that appears simple enough but is actually endlessly complex and packed with lots of other ideas, concepts, processes and problems.

AI is a branch of computer science and is defined as a system that makes autonomous decisions. As AI moves from Sci-Fi to everyday reality we will look at the terms and evolution involved in AI, and also discuss the moral and ethical concerns within this field.

AI Experts

David Skerrett Ai Webinar Host
Mark Brill

David Skerrett
Digital Transformation Leader

David Skerrett is AI enthusiast and a digital strategist with 19 years’ experience and 140 awards to his name inventing the future of experience, today.

He has been named a Drum Digerati twice in the last 4 years, a BIMA Hot100 thought leader, and placed 17th in The Drum Mobile top influencers.

Mark Diderich Brill
Professor & Business Expert

Mark Brill is an experienced digital and business expert whose field of expertise spans experience, IoT, mobile and the emerging field of Ethics and AI.

Mark is a professor & lecturer at Birmingham City University and the University of the Creative Arts.

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Good, Bad or Ugly?

Our guest speakers will also be presenting good, bad and ugly examples of AI, and asking for your vote to rank them as such. We’ll explore the ways AI is helping save the world – from medical breakthroughs to revolutionising transport.


Duration: 1 Hour

  • Welcome and Introductions by Craig
  • David Skerrett Introduce theme, and list any specific definitions
  • David to explore what unpacking the AI suitcase
  • Mark Brill to highlight the importance of ethics in AI
  • Discussions around the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Audience to vote on this
  • Q&A from listeners including feedback on live polls.
  • Wrap up and close