A practitioner’s guide to enterprise application modernisation

How to make application modernisation a realistic, achievable initiative by providing both the approach and platform required to execute

For enterprises running mission-critical workloads on legacy applications and infrastructure, modernisation is imperative to achieving agility and competitiveness. Many business leaders have identified modernising the enterprise application portfolio and moving to the cloud as critical initiatives.

This paper is written for technical practitioners tasked with successfully executing an enterprise application modernisation strategy.

Infrastructure, process, architecture

Gain insight into how enterprises achieve success by using a progressive approach of Infrastructure Modernisation, Process Modernisation, and Architecture Modernisation (IPA).

Getting started: selecting applications for modernisation

Explore some of the frameworks and strategies for this most crucial step of the application modernisation process.

Infrastructure modernisation

Find out how to solve the bottlenecks that appear through the application development lifecycle, with a single environment as a virtual datacentre that contains everything an application needs to run.

Process modernisation

View how to enable Continuous Delivery, to ensure that software is always in a production-ready state.

Phases of modernisation

Take a dive into analysis of architecture initiatives, particularly those which include the following phases: refactor, replatform, service brokering, network connectivity.

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