The enterprise guide to application modernisation for IT and development leaders

How to make application modernisation a realistic, achievable initiative by providing both the approach and platform required to execute

Today’s businesses are faced with a singular reality: innovation is a requirement for mere survival. Yet many enterprises are crippled by legacy and technical debt. This paper is written for the leaders tasked with bridging the gap.

You’ll gain a realistic, achievable path to application modernisation, with strategies for tackling seemingly insurmountable challenges one step at a time. Plus you can see real-world examples from enterprises that have already succeeded.

The relationship between application modernisation and cloud technologies

Guidance on working out where you are on the application modernisation spectrum in relation to the goals that you need to achieve.

The key to successful modernisation

Analysis of how enterprises have achieved success by using a progressive approach of Infrastructure Modernisation, Process Modernisation, and Architecture Modernisation (IPA).

Best Practices for Your Application Modernisation Initiative

Gain a 6-step plan that covers what to do from planning stage, all the way through to continuous improvement.

Fortune 50 case study

Find out how one of the largest and longest standing technology companies in the world increased efficiency by 20%.

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