Innovate or Stagnate? How IT Leaders Power Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a mission-critical aspect of any organisation – so how are IT leaders powering this business imperative?

Business is changing. The rate of transformation is unprecedented, and IT leaders are among the vanguard driving this change. So to paint a clearer picture of digital transformation going into 2020 and beyond, we surveyed a selection of the UK’s top IT leaders.

In this conclusive report, we uncovered the state of digital transformation as the new decade dawned. In particular, we unlocked key insights from IT leaders and revealed how they are powering digital transformation within their organisations. Download it free today.

IT Leaders Will Step Up Transformation

38% of IT leaders are planning a tech refresh within 18-36 months

Service Differentiation Is Driving Transformation

71% of IT leaders cite service differentiation is a key reason for digital transformation

The Cloud Is Critical

90% of respondents said that cloud was critical to digital transformation