On-Demand Webinar: Optimise Your Payments System for Global Conversions

In the third episode of the Commerce Passport webinar series, Digital River, sponsors Coveo and guests Salesforce, looked at how to personalise shopping experiences by optimising payments for local audiences

Learn how to optimise your payments system to create localised and personalised experiences for global audiences

Did you know that more than 90% of online shoppers prefer to shop and purchase in their local currency? That shouldn’t come as too much of a shock… But the fact that 33% of users will abandon a purchase if it’s only listed in USD should be a wake-up call to brands looking to expand globally.

To succeed with global ecommerce, brands must deliver a personalised shopping experience and optimise payments system for local audiences. In fact, cross-border ecommerce thrives or fails based on the payments system.

That’s why, in the third episode in the Commerce Passport series, Digital River turns its attention to how to accept, process, reconcile and manage payments on a global scale. In discussion with Coveo and Salesforce, the panel revealed what it takes to increase global conversions and revenue – and the critical importance of payments system in that.

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How to Optimise Payments for Global Conversions

Experienced speakers Andy Peebler (VP Product GTM, Commerce Cloud at Salesforce) and Dale Traxler (Senior Director, Alliances & Channels at Coveo) joined Eric Christensen (VP Product & Chief Payments Officer at Digital River) to show the importance of personalising payments to local audiences as part of your global ecommerce strategy.

Audience Questions Answered

Towards the end of the discussion, the panellists addressed the audience’s questions, showing how to recognise the type of buyers you have so you can build an experience that instils trust and compels users to convert.

Dealing with the Consumerisation of B2B 

It isn’t just about B2C. So many companies are accelerating B2B programs in light of Covid-19. Digital River, Coveo, and Salesforce took a closer look at how to enhance payments in B2B commerce.


The Panel

Picture of Dale Traxler

Dale Traxler
Senior Director, Alliances & Channels,

Dale leads the channel development and partner enablement for Coveo’s AT powered Experience Intelligence Platform, which powers websites, commerce, sales and service, and workforce engagement solutions for global brands. He is an experienced entrepreneur and sales and marketing executive who writes about business strategies and tactics for Practical Ecommerce as a Contributing Editor.

Andy Peebler,
Vice President Product GTM, Commerce Cloud

Andy Peebler
Vice President Product GTM, Commerce Cloud,

Andy guides Product GTM for Commerce Cloud at Salesforce, including product and surrounding ecosystem, go-to-market alignment and thought leadership with customers and industry stakeholders. Prior to Salesforce, Andy was EVP of Strategy and an investor at CloudCraze, the B2B Commerce company acquired by Salesforce in 2018. Andy has extensive consulting experience, helping companies to develop digital strategies and execute multi-channel, global initiatives.

Eric Christensen,
Vice President Product and Chief Payments Officer,
Digital River

Eric Christensen
Vice President Product and Chief Payments Officer,
Digital River

Eric Christensen has over 15 years of ecommerce experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of doing ecommerce business on a global scale. Currently, Eric is Vice President Product – Payments, Fraud and Financial Services at Digital River. Digital River processes more than $3 Billion in payment transactions on an annual basis. In this role, Eric leads Digital River’s Global Transaction Services team including responsibility for Global Payment Processing, Global Fraud Management, Tax Systems, Foreign Exchange, Global Entity Support and other financial service products.

Mike French, Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances, Digital River

Mike French
VP Partnerships & Alliances,
Digital River

With over 22 years of experience in 9 industries and a variety of Fortune 500 companies to his resume, Mike French is a highly experienced individual. He has worked internationally in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions as a consultant, manager and executive. He successfully engaged with C-level leadership to drive transformative results in operational effectiveness, client satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability.

In this on-demand webinar, Mike French moderates the discussion.


Introducing Digital River

Digital River are proactive partners, providing API-based Payments & Risk, Order Management and Commerce services to leading enterprise brands. That’s their sweet spot, their hyper-expertise. They know what makes your business tick. You’ll appreciate that they’re all-in, 100% obsessive about growing revenue at every click.



The duration of the webinar is 45 minutes.

  • Welcome and Introductions by Mike French, VP Partnerships & Alliances at Digital River

  • Open discussion of how to tailor your global payments sytems to meet the demands of local audiences

  • Anecdotal feedback on the dos, the don’ts, the failure and learnings

  • Q&A with listeners

  • Wrap up and close