On-Demand Webinar: Taxes Don’t Need to Be Taxing

Digital River is joined by Silk Software and PwC Ireland in this episode of Commerce Passport. The topic? Reducing tax complexity as brands move into global markets. Watch on-demand now!

Reduce tax complexity for your brand as you expand into global markets with this new episode of Commerce Passport

One of the best ways to fuel growth for your organisation is to expand into new markets. But when you do so, you don’t only have to consider differing customer expectations and cultures – you must contend with an array of new taxations, too.

Tax is a complex beast, with organisations struggling to calculate, collect, report and remit tax for their global operations in an ordered and timely manner. Throw rule changes into the mix and the huge costs of mistakes, and your global expansion could quickly derail.

But there is another way. You have options, and in this exclusive on-demand webinar from Digital River, you have the opportunity to reduce tax complexity as you accelerate your global expansion. This time, Commerce Passport is joined by Dong Xu (Silk Software) and Sean Brodie (PwC Ireland) to discuss how global brands can manage their taxes to safely – and efficiently – operate around the world. Especially in the face of evolving regulations and policies.

Watch this on-demand webinar now to learn how to manage taxes and compliance on a global scale and power a new age of expansion for your brand.


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Manage Your Organisation’s Taxes During Expansion

Experienced speakers Dong Xu (CEO at Silk Software), Sean Brodie (Partner, Indirect Tax at PwC Ireland) and Dave Van Sant (Senior Director of Tax at Digital River) to demonstrate how a brand undergoing global expansion can safely and efficiently manage various tax territories.

Audience Questions Answered

Towards the end of the discussion, the panellists addressed the audience’s questions, showing how to strategise for taxation differences across global markets.

Tax Should Be in the Background!

Tax is something that should be happening automatically in the background. Efficiently, but in the background. “The moment you notice tax, something has gone wrong!” Dong Xu said. Learn how to grips with your organisation’s taxes for peace of mind.


The Panel

Sean Brodie,
Partner, Indirect Tax,
PwC Ireland

Sean Brodie
Partner, Indirect Tax,
PwC Ireland

Sean Brodie is a partner in the tax services practice and specialises in advice in relation to VAT. He has extensive experience advising multi-national and indigenous companies operating in the manufacturing, technologies, infocomms, retail, services and not-for-profit sectors in relation to all aspects of VAT including large value property transactions. Sean leads the VAT review, VAT performance improvement and revenue audit VAT support services. He has lectured extensively on VAT issues for the Irish Taxation Institute and Incorporated Law Society of Ireland and he is co-author of “Value Added Tax” published by Irish Taxation Institute.

Dong Xu, President, Silk Software

Dong Xu
Silk Software

Over a career spanning almost 30 years, Dong Xu has acted as Senior Control Engineer and Technical Lead for innovative companies. But since 2007, he has been the President and CEO of Silk Software Corp, an award-winning commerce company bringing global brands the best solutions ecommerce has to offer. His aim is to help clients’ businesses grow and succeed within a competitive marketplace with efficient, cost-effective B2B and B2C ecommerce end-to-end solutions.

Dave Van Sant,
Senior Director, Tax, 
Digital River

Dave Van Sant
Senior Director, Tax
Digital River

Dave leads up the Tax team at Digital River. He has a history of working in the manufacturing and internet industries, and is skilled in transfer pricing, tax preparation, tax accounting, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership. He is a strong accounting professional with a Master of Business Taxation focused in Tax from the University of Minnesota. Since 1990, Dave has used his tax expertise to bring about new efficiencies at companies including KPMG, Medtronic, Entegris, Supervalu, and now Digital River.

Jason Nyhus, 
Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships, 
Digital River

Jason Nyhus
Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships
Digital River

In a Digital River career spanning 20 years, Jason Nyhus has oversaw global marketing and sales strategies in a big to help brands take control of their own destiny by providing them with unique capabilities to go direct, global or provide new monetization models.

In his current role, Jason’s teams are accountable to deliver pipeline, win new logos, and build partnerships that help Digital River’s clients be successful. His teams include revenue operations, sales engineers, sales professionals, demand generation experts, and partnership management.

In this on-demand webinar, Jason Nyhus moderates the discussion.


Introducing Digital River

Digital River are proactive partners, providing API-based Payments & Risk, Order Management and Commerce services to leading enterprise brands. That’s their sweet spot, their hyper-expertise. They know what makes your business tick. You’ll appreciate that they’re all-in, 100% obsessive about growing revenue at every click.



The duration of the webinar is 45 minutes.

  • Welcome and Introductions by Jason Nyhus, Senior VP Sales, Marketing & Partnerships at Digital River

  • Open discussion of how to efficiently manage your taxes and reduce tax complexity for your global brand

  • Anecdotal feedback on the dos, the don’ts, the failure and learnings

  • Q&A with listeners

  • Wrap up and close