On-Demand Webinar: Is Your Business Safe? Navigating New Compliance Trends

Digital River's Commerce Passport webinar series is back for a fifth innings. This time, Mike French is joined by Born Group and Polaris to discuss new compliance trends you need to know to ensure your business is safe in 2021.

Discover how to protect your ecommerce business from recent developments in compliance and upcoming trends in the field

When selling into new markets, compliance is one of the most complex obstacles a company will face. From data privacy laws to export rules and regulations, no two countries have the same compliance regulations. Rules change constantly, and each region has its own risks and nuanced considerations.

Between data privacy regulations like Brazil’s Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) and security regulations like the EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), global compliance trends can be overwhelming. But you’re not alone. Finding the right partner can help you stay compliant, and keep both your business and customers safe.

In the fifth episode in Digital River’s Commerce Passport webinar series, Mike French is joined by Keith Pires (Born Group), Maggie Lassack (Polaris) and Julia Rea (Digital River). Together, they revealed some of the most pertinent compliance trends throughout the world today, and showed what it takes to expand into new markets in a safe and regulatory compliant way that fosters success.

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How to Expand into New Markets Safely

Experienced speakers Keith Pires (Senior Vice President at Born Group), Maggie Lassack (Privacy & Cybersecurity Counsel at Polaris) and Julia Rea (Senior Director of Compliance at Digital River) to show the importance of personalising payments to local audiences as part of your global ecommerce strategy.

Audience Questions Answered

Towards the end of the discussion, the panellists addressed the audience’s questions, showing how to plot your path to regulatory compliance in new markets.

The Commonality of Regulations & Privacy Principles 

Globally, there are a lot of common principles shared between privacy regulations in different markets. By embracing a core set of privacy principles at your organisation, you can kickstart your journey to regulatory compliance in new markets. Learn more in the full webinar!


The Panel

Keith Pires BORN Group

Keith Pires
Senior Vice President,
BORN Group

Keith is a hands-on leader with over 20 years of experience including management consulting, business operations and strategy, product marketing, and business development. He is highly experienced in online and mobile commerce platforms as well as related digital marketing technologies. Keith has also guided teams developing complex solution architectures, closely aligned to strategic business goals as well as business case development and systems selection.


Maggie Lassack
Privacy & Cybersecurity Counsel,
Polaris Industries

In a career spanning 15 years, Maggie Lassack has built a substantial body of experience working in privacy and data security law. She started her career at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP before moving on to become an Attorney for the Federal Trade Commission. But for the last six years, she has been Counsel to Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, 3M and now Polaris Industries. Here, she provides critical insights on privacy and data security to those looking to expand into new markets.

Julie Rea Digital River

Julie Rea
Senior Director of Compliance,
Digital River

Julie Rea specialises in cybersecurity and privacy law, utilising experience gained over the course of a 20-year long career in various roles around the field. At Digital River, she is responsible for building and leading the Digital River compliance team in global trade compliance, privacy and security, consumer protection, payments and risk, and audits and controls. She provides guidance and support to the business in international regulatory compliance considerations, reviewing and evaluating compliance issues as the organisation grows.

Mike French, Vice President of Partnerships & Alliances, Digital River

Mike French
VP Partnerships & Alliances,
Digital River

With over 22 years of experience in 9 industries and a variety of Fortune 500 companies to his resume, Mike French is a highly experienced individual. He has worked internationally in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions as a consultant, manager and executive. He successfully engaged with C-level leadership to drive transformative results in operational effectiveness, client satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability.

In this on-demand webinar, Mike French moderates the discussion.


Introducing Digital River

Digital River are proactive partners, providing API-based Payments & Risk, Order Management and Commerce services to leading enterprise brands. That’s their sweet spot, their hyper-expertise. They know what makes your business tick. You’ll appreciate that they’re all-in, 100% obsessive about growing revenue at every click.



The duration of the webinar is 45 minutes.

  • Welcome and Introductions by Mike French, VP Partnerships & Alliances at Digital River

  • Open discussion of how to ensure your business meets new compliance standards upon entering new markets

  • Anecdotal feedback on the dos, the don’ts, the failure and learnings

  • Q&A with listeners

  • Wrap up and close