Dell Technologies’ Baker’s Half Dozen: How Covid-19 Has Impacted Cloud Infrastructure

Baker’s Half Dozen returns with a look into the technology trends defining the industry, including how Covid-19 is impacting cloud infrastructure

Dell Technologies’ long-running show, Baker’s Half Dozen, returned in July with a quick rundown of six and a half different trending topics in the tech world.

Join Matt Baker as he runs through several topics sent in by the public via Twitter. (Tweet at #BakersHalfDozen to submit your own!) In today’s episode, Matt talks about the effects of Covid-19 on cloud infrastructure and how companies are adapting. He also discusses the role of data in space travel and the new concept of data gravity.

And to round off the episode, Matt even has a few technical Dad Jokes to share… Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Watch the full episode now for a look into the technology trends defining the industry today – and how Dell Technologies is responding to the impact of Covid-19 on cloud infrastructure.

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