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You are invited to share ideas and thought leadership pieces on how technology is changing the face of the business world we live in. Contribute articles such as news pieces, blogs on digital transformation,  white papers, reports, ebooks, video and event content. 

Good content writing is serious business but you know this already. Here’s a little more information about what we are looking for:

  1. The topic and argument must be clear, well-researched, and original work (we will consider promotional content and product updates – please visit here to submit this type of content).
  2. The article should be around 1,000 words in length, be fact-checked, and use proper citation.
  3. It should be tailored for an audience of senior decision-makers in the B2B and B2C industries.
  4. Tone should be informal or conversational.
  5. Articles will feature your author biography and links to your site and social media channels.

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